Donor Recognition

We gratefully thank the hundreds of supporters who keep the New Haven Free Public Library a place where everyone is welcome.

This page represents support between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016

We apologize in advance for incorrect information.  Please contact Tim Yergeau at 203.946.7454 or with changes and corrections. Don’t see your name on the list? Donate now to help support the Library’s mission.

See the list of sponsors and supporters from our 2016 Mardi Gras Celebration



Jean and William Graustein


Elsie Blackshear Chapman
Priscilla and Bob Dannies


Michael Morand
Dr. Mary Ellen Savage


Meredith Gavrin and Greg Baldwin
William Curran
Richard and Barbara Feldman
Laura Goldblum
Carol and Steve Ross
Martha and Jim Brogan
Emily Aber and Bob Wechsler
Alexander Welsh


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Eder
Geraldine Frankel
Stephanie and Dudley Andrew
Carolyn and David Belt
Anne and Guido Calabresi
Marianne Carolla
Elizabeth Lerner and John Donatich
Toni Dorfman and John Gaddis
Ruth Lambert and Henry Harrison
Richard Larson
Deborah Freedman and Ben Ledbetter, Jr.
Lynn Street and Donald Margulies
Sara Ohly
David Pollard
William Reese
Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Wakerley
Fran DeToro and Jamie Cohen


William Aseltyne and Jeff Stryker
Ed Bottomley and Tom Griggs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradley
Josephine R. Broude
Phyllis and Joe Crowley
Suzanne and Michael Eisner
Gordon and Shelley Geballe
Ann Coleen Hellerman
Rosalind and Richard Hinman
Henry D. Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas LoRicco
Margaret MacMullen
Susan Matheson
Ruby Melton and Gail McAvay
Adrienne Gallagher and Jim Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schiraldi
Wilma and William Summers
Susan Bryson and Larry Nadel
David S. Greco and Daniel H. Diaz
Susan and Thomas O’Shea
Anne Schenck
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew DesFosses
Tori & Ronnie Rysz


Dr. Rosemary Balsam
Prof. Beatrice Bartlett
Rita Berkson and Randolph Reinhold
Nancy Berliner and Alan Plattus
Laura Berry
Tim Bertaccini
Kavita Bhandary-Alexander
Jeanne and Harold Bloom
William Bloss
Linda Mason Briggs
Janet Brodie
Sahar and Josiah Brown
Donna and Wayne Cable
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Calarco
Patricia Cavanagh
Brenda Cavanaugh
Marin Cobern
Frank Cochran and Stephanie Fitzgerald
Lizanne Cox
Jane Cunningham and Helena Brett Smith
Cristina Drake
David Duffner
Hon. William dyson
Keith Bradoc Galland and Lynn Waley-Cohen
Karyn Gilvarg and Eric Epstein
Ann Greene
Hon. Toni Harp
Joan Huggins-Banbury
John Loge
State Senator Martin M. Looney
Keith Lorch
Molly Meyer
George Miller
Hon. and Mrs. Fleming Norcott
Ann Okerson
Michael Oleary and Janine McNamara-Oleary
Dr. E. Anthony Petrelli
Matthew Poland
David Ringold
Joanne Saccio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Salatto
Mr. and Mrs. Sandra Santy
Shana Schneider
Ilsa Schwartz
Kerala and Richard Snyder
Elizabeth Stauderman
David Stevenson
Mrs. Louis Stone
Susan Stout
Constance Sullivan
Doris B. Townshend
Barbara Wareck and Charles Perrow
Susan Wheeler Byck
Ellen and Andrew Wormser
Philipp Ziesche
Rev. Bonita Grubbs
John Crossey
Holly Grosetta Nardini
Ruth Koizim
Linda Lager
Jean and Jeffry Larson
Dr. and Mrs. Reginald Mayo
Judith Nugent and Drew McDermott
Scott McLean and Lisa Brandes
Charles Pillsbury and Rev. Alice Perry
Dr. Peter Salovey and Marta Moret
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Skinner
Susan S. Stevens
Martha Sullivan
Laura Weir-Clarke and Fred W. Clarke
Stephen and Judith August
John Bradley
Cathleen Denigirs
Ronald Ebrecht
Susan and Harvey Feinberg
Joseph Gordon and Mark Bauer
Thomas Haskell
Patricia Helm
Jane Hinenlang
Peter Karman and Jill Carlton
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Levine
Larisa Satara
Len H. Suzio
Constance Thomas-Razza
James and Phoebe Boyer
Paula Burkhard
Fred Clarke
Constance Clement
Claire Criscuolo
Nathan and Patricia Garland
Jo-Anne Giammattei
Amy and Stephen Mims
William Frank Mitchell
Lisa and David Totman
Vivian and Ed Harris
Doug Hausladen
Barbara and Jim Segaloff
Margaret Seay Watley

Up to $100

Daisy C. Abreu
Jean-Christophe Agnew
Mr. and Mrs. Myles Alderman
Nancy Alexander and Philip Bernstein
Marjo Anderson
Allan Appel
Mark Aronson
Louis Audette
Nory Babbitt
Ray Baldelli
Christine Barrett
Carole and Paul Bass
Ann and Bob Beech
Richard Bell
Rosalie Berberian
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bers
Lou Ann and Eric Bohman
Dr. Robert Boltax
Sheri Borrelli
Kathleen Bradley
Susan Bramhall
Jennifer and Derek Briggs
Carole and Arthur Broadus
Shawn Brown
Susan Buxbaum
Robert and Francine Caplan
Edith Carlson
Michael Carter
Mark Cascio
Marica Cavanaugh
Chuan Ko and Rosita Ng Chi
Jane Ciarleglio
Bonnie Rosenberg and Mark Ciarlo
Bitsie Clark
Gloria Cohen
Ellen Cohen and Steven Fraade
Bettye Fletcher and Jim Comer
Elizabeth R. Cooney
Sheila Cooper
Joe Craft and Christina Brunet
Victoria Nolan and Clark Crolius
Cynthia Cross
Dennis Curtis and Judith Resnick
Robert D’Amato
Lisa Nachmias Davis
Bessie Day
Joanne Dellecave
Ning Wei and Xing Wang Deng
Duo Dickinson
Francis Dineen
Pat and Bert Doerr
Ryan Doherty
Lise Dondy and William Kaplan
William Segraves and Carol Dorfman
Jeanne Dubino and Andrew Smyth
Frana Dupree
Richard Edwards and Denise Santisteban
Kevin Egan and Kathleen Crozier Egan
Elizabeth Jonas and Thomas Eisen
Deborah Elkin
Ilona and Michael Emmerth
Mindi Englart
Kathleen Etkin
Kathryn Feidelson
Ann and Steven Feinstein
Joy and Brin Ford
Doug Franco
Teresa Freeman
Caroln Friedman
Marjorie Funk
Wendy Gamba
Toddie and Chris Getman
Frances Giffin
Robert Gillis
Mildred Godfrey
Linda Goodman
George Gost
Millie Grenough
Joseph Guarnaccia and Rajita Sinha
Judith D. Hackman
James Hackney
Judith Hahn
Sharon Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hammer
Wendeline Hardenberg
Charlotte Hitchcock
Nadine Honigberg
Drs. Carla and Robert Horwitz
Mary Hunt
Kathie Hurley
Pamela and Melvyn Hyman
Ann Marie Imbornoni
Sheila Stiles Jewell
Jennifer Julier
Charles Kaywood
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kelsey
Elise Kenney
Karen King
Dr. Robert King
Amy Justice and Joe King
Anne Somsel and Steve Kobasa
Constance & Dean Kozelek
Karin Krochmal
Edith Kufta
Maria Lamberto
Philip & Maryann Langdon
Constance and Joe LaPalombara
Mara Lavitt and D. Hayne Bayless
Marie-France Lemay
Roslyn Lerner
Molly Levan
Robin and Barbara Levine-Ritterman
Lore Lichtenberg
Elizabeth Lockhart
Carol Loweith
Alice Logan
Rudolph Loncke
Polly Kipp and David Loiterstein
Patricia Loving
Byron and Elsie Lutman
Ann Magnotta
Sandra Malmquist and Paul Wessel
Sherman Malone
Tom Maloney
Joshua Mamis
Celeste Markle
Lynne Maser
Jesse Mattison
Sue McDonald and Corey Stone
Claire McGuire
Kathleen McKenna
Leon and Phyllis Medvedow
Barbara Greenwood and Fethi Meghelli
Mary Miller
Richar Miller
Margery Mills
Julia and William Moore
Valerie Morrell
Charlotte and Charles Murphy
Carol Nardini
Peter Nuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oliver
Sarah Olivier
Edna Orlins
Diana Pacetta Ullman and Thomas Ullman
Mark Palmieri
Susan Papa and David Schatz
Bob Parker and David Carter
Murial Pauker and Laurie Malka
Bruce Peabody
Ericka Pheanious
Elaine Piraino-Holevoet
Drika Purves
David Quint
Evelyn Rauscher
Jane Recchio
Jenny Ricardo
Barbara Riley
Susanne Roberts and Steve Victor
Naomi Rogers
Pedro Romero
Jessica Rostow
Hon. Abigail Roth
Joseph and Susan Saccio
Dale Saul
Ellen and Bob Scalettar
Michael Schaffer
Judith Ann Schiff
Sandra Shaner
Morris Sheehan
James Shelton
Paul Shemitz
Angela Sidman
Lesley Siegel and Lawrence Levenson
Judy and Mark Sklarz
Kathryn Slanski
Thomas Stavovy
Gay G. Steinbach
Mary Sternbach
Joe Strassler
Pat Syversten
Virginia and Morton Tenzer
Roberta Thornton
Maria Tonelli
Angela Vallejera-Creamer
Richard Venditto
George Veronis
Janna Wagner
Jean Webb
Susan Webber
Jane Weisbaum
Susan Weisselberg
Mr. and Mrs. James Whitney
Marna Wilber
John and Virginia Wilkinson
Jon Wilson
Robert Windom, MD
Herbert Winer
Rachel and Steve Wizner
Breanna Yu


Corporations, Businesses and Foundations

Albertus Magnus College
Anonymous (2)
Bankwell Financial Group, Inc.
Beers, Hammerman, & Co., PC, CPA’s
Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman LLP
City of New Haven Peace Commission
Comcast Cable
Creating Kids
Elm Campus Partners
First Niagara Foundation
Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation
Friends of Rosa DeLauro
Fusco Corporation
Goodcopy Printing and Digital Graphics
Grainger Matching Gifts Program
Griswold Special Care
IBM International Foundation
James A. Salatto & Family Charitable Foundation
Macy’s / Bloomingdale’s
Massachusetts Society for Medical Research
Milazzo & Associates, LLC
Network for Good
New Haven Museum and Historical Society
NewAlliance Foundation
Newman Architects
Peoples United Bank
Schiraldi Family Giving Fund
Start Community Bank
The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
The Curran Foundation
The Elizabethan Club of Yale University
The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Inc.
The Ethel & Abe Lapides Foundation, Inc.
The L Suzio York Hill Concrete Co., Inc.
The United Illuminating Company
United Way of Greater New Haven, Inc.
Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Fund
Wells Fargo
Wiggin and Dana
Yale University
Yale-New Haven Hospital


Honorarium Gifts

Gift in honor of Rosanne Zudekoff by Fran DeToro
Gift in honor of Claudia Merson by the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research


Memorial Gifts

Gift in memory of Dr. David Engstrom
Vivian and Edward Harris

Gift in memory of Beverly Goldfield
Carol Loewith

Gift in memory of Benny Klatzko
Vivian and Edward Harris

Gift in memory of Charles MacArthur
Vivian and Edward Harris

Gift in memory of Patricia Taylor
Christine Barrett
Chuan Ko and Rosita Ng Chi
Jane Ciarleglio
Christina Drake
Wendy Gamba
Constance & Dean Kozelek
Ann Magnotta
Evelyn Rauscher


In-Kind Support

In-Kind Support
A Broken Umbrella
Adrienne Lewis
Affordable Custom Framing
Agabhumi, The Best of Bali
Alternate Universe Comics
Art Council of Greater New Haven
Atticus Bookstore Cafe
Austin Street Inn
Basta Trattoria
Belle K. Greenberg
Bianca Turetsky
Breathing Room Yoga Center
Bridgeport Bluefish
Capture Salon
Chloe Gordon
Christopher Martin’s
Cine 4
City of New Haven Peace Commission
Claire’s Corner Copia
Colin Caplan
CT Explored
DaSilva Gallery
Douglas Stone
Dwight Pederson
Eli Whitney Museum
Elise Blackshear Chapman
Elm City Market
English Building Markets
Essex Steam Train and Riverboat
Falcone Art Studio
Fashionista Vintage and Variety
Frank Mitchell
Frank Pelliccio
Gabriel DaSilva
Grand Apizza
Griswold Inn
Half Full Brewery
Hillhouse Opera Company
Holly Johnson
Hong in Glaze
Hulls Art Supply
Institute Library
International Festival of Arts & Ideas
Katharine Weber
Kebabian’s Oriental Rugs
Kendall Wiggin
Krikko Obbot
Leah Russell
Long Wharf Theater
Luck and Levity
Mohegan Sun
Mount Carmel Wine and Spirits
Mystic Seaport
Nancy Shea
New Haven Ballet
New Haven Open at Yale
New Haven Symphony Orchestra
Nica’s Market
Nicholas Dawidoff
Norfolk Chamber Music Festival
Oi Fortin
Orchestra New England
Ralph walker Ice Skating Rink
Sea Mist Thimble Islands Cruise
Shake Shack
Sidney and Laura Cahn
Steve Cooper Photography
Stone Hearth
Stony Creek Market
Stuart Soffer
Taste of New Haven
The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, Inc.
The Connecticut Children’s Museum
The Course at Yale University
The Frame Shop
The New Haven Museum
The Wine Press
The Workshop
Todd Lynn
Tony Falcone
Wave Gallery
Westport Country Playhouse
Westville Kosher Market
Yale Division of Athletics
Yale Gallery of Art
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
Yale University Press
Zachary Rotholz